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Mission Bay Corner Penthouse Is Actually Quite Stunning, Asks $3.1 Million

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Beauty by the ballpark

Mission Bay gets an aesthetically bad rap. The area was ripe for a dramatic contemporary shocker (a la Tokyo or Barcelona) before it was besieged by luxe, albeit arguably cookie-cutter residential units. That said, there are a few beauties in the burgeoning neighborhood if you look hard enough, comparatively speaking.

The corner unit penthouse at 255 Berry is one of those places. And it just landed on the market for a whopping $3,195,000.

Details: two bedroom, two and a half bath, fireplace, hardwood floors and ceilings, deck, automatically opening and closing window dressings and shades, radiant heated floors, a steam shower, and more. Ultra contemporary, built in 2004.

The ideal spot for someone who works in tech and wants to be close to all of the action. (Lyft's new headquarters will be right next door at China Basin Landing.) Or better yet, a noted Giant. (The penthouse is within walking distance of AT&T Park.)

It last sold back in 2008 for $2,350,000.