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Atherton Mansion With Its Own Gym and Hair Salon Asks for $12.9 Million

Newly built manse keeps its eye on the past

Let's go down south to the tony town of Atherton to check out a major mansion at 35 Ralston Road. This eight bedroom, five bath estate comes with 11,745 square feet, a gym, a theater, a library, and its own salon. Chic.

This contemporary home, built in 2013, also features affected touches to give it an older feel: the stone facade, the resplendent mural on the wall, dark oak in the library. You can almost smell grandpapa's cigar smoke.

Added bonuses are an elevator that reaches all three floors, a wine cellar, a bar with uniquely animalic bar chairs, and a separate guest house with its own fireplace.

Starting price is a cool $12,990,000.

Guest house:

35 Ralston [The Open House]