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Contemporary Noe Valley New Construction Charms to the Tune of $4.9 Million

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Living tall in San Francisco

This recently built Noe Valley abode stands tall at the corner of Valley and Castro, providing the perfect place to look down at the city while you relish your too-sleek lifestyle.

The details: four bedrooms, five and two half baths, an elevator to all levels (why not?), wine cellar, and more. Carrera marble dominates much of the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room space, especially around the fireplace, a very popular motif we're seeing as of late.

Speaking of trends, of lack thereof, it's nice to see a facade dressed up in wood shingles, something we haven't seen much of in these antiseptic-decor times. Delightful.

Jumping on the market for a cool $4,995,000, buyers stand to get 4,873 prime square feet in one of San Francisco's toniest neighborhoods.

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