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Untouched Berkeley Hills Midcentury Gem Wants at Least $1.1 Million

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A quaint escape from the city

This relatively unaffected Berkeley Hills home is ripe for a drastic makeover (if you insist) or being left as-is. The perfect place for fleeing the city but not having to go too far.

This five bedroom, three and a half bath midcentury at 769 Euclid features 2,714 square feet, high ceilings, french doors, a super private backyard, and more. This is an ideal pad for a family. Near schools and stores. Quiet. You know the drill.

It's also close to Grotto Rock Park, Cragmont Park, and Dorothy Bolte Park. Not that you will need to go to a park to feel like you're in nature; the house is nestled by several trees for those of you who yearn to get your green on.