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Take a Look at the Transbay Transit Center's Cool New Paneling

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$2.2 billion project shows us some skin


A photo posted by David Hard (@redbearded) on

The Transbay Transit Center in SoMa, poised to replace the Transbay Terminal (knocked down in 2010), received its decorative new porous aluminum skin today.

The old idea was to install a far chicer glass skin, but due to budget cutbacks, that idea was scrapped and in favor of aluminum. Which, while the aluminum cover still looks striking, the glass would have been downright stunning.

Nevertheless, as SocketSite points out, the perforate aluminum "shaved an estimated $17 million from the Transit Center’s current $2.2 billion budget."

The Transbay Transit Center is slated to open in 2017. This does not include the second phase of the project, the rail extension, which will cost more than the current project.

Dollars and cents aside, it's nice to see this skin go up. A few more shots:

The paneling is starting to go up! #transbayterminal #worldsmostexpensivebusstation

A photo posted by David Hard (@redbearded) on

Spaceframe+Skin #architecture #construction #sanfrancisco #transbayterminal

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@dsi_spaceframes @thetransbayproject #transbaytransitcenter

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Over the weekend, a construction crew installed the first piece of the awning on the Transbay Transit Center! #Progress #TransbayAwning

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Transbay Transit Center

85 Natoma Street, San Francisco, CA