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Castro Muni Station Escalator Turns Rainbow Bright

Just in time for Gay Pride

In the tradition of decking out Castro District spots with a rainbow flourish, the new escalator at the Castro Street station will come alive with the colorful symbol of gay pride via new LED lights. Stairway to heaven, indeed,

Hoodline reports that "newly bedazzled escalators are on the way, to complement [the Castro's] many rainbow flags and crosswalks."

It's all a part of SF MTA's plan to replace the escalators at the heavily-trafficked station. SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose explains, "Whenever we get a chance to play a part in showcasing and honoring San Francisco, its communities and its people, we do what we can."

The lights are expected to turn on in May, shortly before san Francisco Gay Pride gets underway.

New escalator lights @sfmuni #castrostation

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