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Cool Blue Contemporary Bernal Heights Flip Asks for $2.1 Million

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Now that's a transformation

To jump start your Monday daydreaming, we offer this wondrous flip on the north slope of Bernal Heights that, while classic on the outside, has been made over inside with a familiar contemporary touch.

This four bedroom, two and a half bath Victorian at 18 Montezuma comes in at 2,267 square feet. It also features today's contemporary flourish the likes of which you are probably used to seeing by now: open floor plan, white walls and ceilings, gourmet kitchen, push-button fireplace, and more.

It's also a few blocks away from the woefully-underrated Precita Park and near Mission Street's delightful El Rio and Virgil's Sea Room watering holes. Beautiful.

Update: This Victorian, dating back to circa 1900, was listed in 2014 for a comparatively scant $899,000, selling for $1.2 million. Check out what it used to look like prior to its extensive renovation.