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Redwood-and-Glass Sonoma County Home Right On the Rocks, Asks $4.7 Million

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San Francisco architect Richard Clements' 1964 home dramatically overlooks the Pacific

Timber Cove is an unincorporated community in Sonoma County, just up the coast from Fort Worth. (Population of 164, give or take.) Today there are four active listings for Timber Cove on the market, as well as over 20 for vacant land. So it’s not somewhere you move to for convenience or for its fast-paced lifestyle.

If you’re going to move all the way up to the coast, you do it for the beauty and the seclusion of the place. And with that, consider this one-bedroom, one-bath, 1,200 square foot, $4.7 million beauty circa 1964, perched right on the rocks above the roaring Pacific. It features an atrium-like design and rustic interiors that will make you forget all about those trendy open-space white interiors of the city.

Built by San Francisco architect Richard Clements for his own use on a spit of land that Ansel Adams dubbed "Cemetery Rock," the exterior boasts predominately glass and redwood. All of that glass, combined with the constant motion of the ocean views, can create the potentially vertigo-inducing impression that you’re on a boat, according to listing agent David DuPont.

Only exteriors of the place are online now, as DuPont says the present owner hasn’t gotten the inside ready for photos. But interiors and a YouTube video from the last time the place sold (for a little less than $2 million) give us a peek of the insides, including redwood timbers, rock masonry walls, hanging lantern light fixtures, and even brick counter tops in the kitchen.

(The ad now lists granite counters, suggesting that the old tops fell prey to a remodel.)

The price tag comes with three acres of land attached. A private beach is advertised, although California coastal access laws make the strict definition of private a contentious issue. But you’ve only got 164 neighbors, so it probably won’t come up.