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Here's SF City Hall Illuminated Purple in Memory of Prince

A fabulous San Francisco tribute to a legend lost too soon

As many of you know by now, Prince died today. San Francisco paid respect to the unparalleled icon by turning the exterior lights of City Hall appropriately purple. As expected, folks gathered at Civic Center Plaza to pay tribute by blaring choice Prince tunes, and dancing together throughout the night.

So while you're listening to Sign 'O' The Times, 1999, or Purple Rain on repeat all night — as we should all be doing, really — here are some scenes from outside City Hall.

city mourning

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As for the large inflatable bunny cameos, they are part of an art installation underway at Civic Center Plaza, which you can read all about here.

Following is the moment the lights turned from blue and yellow (in honor of the Warriors being in the playoffs) to glorious purple:

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And then in that moment it turned to the purple one. #prince #dubnation

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my gal

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Watching city hall turn purple with Prince playing

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Only in San Francisco #purplerain

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