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Menlo Park 'Shack' Sells for $2.6 Million, 57 Percent Over Asking

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Perhaps some Silicon Valley towns need to step up their housing game — fast

What some are bizarrely calling a "shack," this adorable two bedroom, one bath Menlo Park home scored $2.6 million this week, 57 percent above its initial asking price. Located at 455 Oak, it landed on the market for a cool $1.6 million, but sold for $955,000 more.


A few factors helped bump up the final offer: The owners painted it nice neutral colors. Very pretty. Nice staging didn't hurt. Oh, and it's located in Menlo Park! Home to Facebook, among other tech companies, it's also a town in dire need of residential growth. Hence the 57 percent above asking.

Another example, if you will, of how the Peninsula could step up their housing game and give San Francisco and Oakland a much-needed break. Though not everyone is in favor of such an idea. Back in December, John Liotti, CEO of Able Works (an East Palo Alto advocacy group), said that "[a] lot of local families are going to get hurt" regarding tech workers moving to the area.

Anyway, gorgeous little home. (Which, most likely, will be torn down in favor of a larger contemporary abode.) Hope to see more of them in the area sooner rather than later.

455 Oak

Menlo Park, CA, USA