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SF City Hall Will Light Up Purple In Remembrance of Prince

Nothing compares 2 U, Prince

After a necessary outcry, it was finally announced that San Francisco City Hall will light up their facade in shades of purple tonight in remembrance of Prince who died today.

Prince's body was discovered Thursday inside his famed Paisley Park home. He was reportedly sick days prior to his death.

"This past Friday, Prince's private plane was forced to make an emergency landing in' Illinois, reportedly because Prince was dehydrated from the flu," reports The Verge. "The following Saturday he invited fans to his home in Minnesota for a dance party, during which Prince showed off his new purple piano. 'Wait a few days before you waste any prayers,' he said."

He was only 57.

San Francisco City Hall often switches up their exterior lighting to draw attention to such noteworthy moments as San Francisco Gay Pride or honoring those who died in the recent Paris attacks.

Prince has died at age 57 [The Verge]

San Francisco City Hall

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