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Unusual 'Tree House' Home With Antler Chandelier Wants $998,000

Live out your forest fantasy inside this 1960 home begging for an extreme makeover

A house high atop Edgehill Mountain, located in Forest Hill Extension, is one of more the more bizarre and uncommon homes for sale in San Francisco right now.

The three-story residence at 301 Edgehill Way, built in 1960, ahs remained more or less untouched over the years. Its most notable feature — aside being very secluded and situated at the tippy top of one of the city's 48 hills — is the living room's antler chandelier. (Certainly this predates today's oversaturated animalic trend of wall-mounted horse heads, popular at many mixologists' places of employ.)

Also, huge shout-outs go to both the brick oven and the too-damn-adorable-to-be-removed built-in television.

The entire structure runs around 1,320 square feet, with a bonus 6,000-square-foot wooded lot surrounding it. Obviously, the entire place could use an overhaul, inside and out, bolstering the overall to cost well over one million. Still, anything under a million is noteworthy in San Francisco.

A flipper's or mountain man/woman's dream right here.

(Here's some choice drone footage, too, should the mood strike to look at the abode from high above.)