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24th Street Luxe Townhouses Linger on Market, Seek $1.9 Million

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Sleek homes along Noe Valley's main drag really want a buyer

While strolling up 24th Street en route to Saru or, better yet, Haystack Pizza (you aren't a Noe Valley resident until you've sat in the broken mirrored booth), you might have noticed the new luxe mini-rise that cropped up next to Shoe Biz. And if you've been curious as to what the units look like from the inside, wonder no more.

The three bedroom, three bath family units at 3820 24th Street have approximately 1,600 square feet. The look is contemporary all the way. Nothing classic to see here. From the sleek kitchen to the tiled bathroom, you're getting the clean, airy de rigueur look of today.

We should also point out that there are three homes in the building; two of them townhouses — like the one you're seeing here — and a two bedroom, two bath flat. The structure is a cool blast of contemporary for the neighborhood -- a refreshing example of positive contrast or a worrisome blemish, depending on your aesthetic point of view.


As reported back in January, the three residences were yanked from the MLS in December because "none had sold and that prices had fallen to between $1.995 and $2.195 million." One reason could be the glaring lack of parking (the building has no parking garage, which means potential homeowners are forced to deal with metered parking and street cleaning like rest of us plebeians) and a market cool down.