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It's Time to Check in on Hippie Hill's 4/20 Fete

Yes, it's that time of year again

Today is the twentieth of April, a day that, for some, marks a period of unwieldy cannabis celebration. It other words, it's 4/20, dude.

Today is also a day where folks ditch work to convene upon Hippie Hill for a party wherein they beat drums, display questionable fashion sense, and take us back to a groovier time.

An estimated 15,000 are expected to show up at the annual (and unofficial) event. According to Associated Press, "The unsanctioned event costs the city between $80,000 and $100,000 per year because agencies are called in to help ensure safety, control heavy traffic and collect trash. Crews have cleaned up more than 5 tons of trash in previous years."

And with that, here are a few THC-laced scenes from this afternoon's 4/20 party on Hippie Hill — images that will make you envious you're not there or happy that you're stuck at work.

Happy #420. #goldengatepark #hippiehill #latergram #superskunk

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she's a babe

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Light it up! #420 #sanfrancisco #hippiehill

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420 in the Park #14' #alltogether #4/20 #4:20 #hippiehill #sf

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Esto apenas comienza .. #420 #hippiehill

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#facepainting in disguise

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Happy 4/20!!!! Just California living!!!! Love it !!!

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Woke up on 420 like.... ( : Getty Images)

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Blaze it San Francisco, CA

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Sunny day

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Hippie Hill [Golden Gate Park]

SFPD's 4/20 Plan Includes Road Closures, Extra Bathrooms, Seller Busts [SFist]