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Opulent Pacific Heights Mansion Scores $11 Million, Well Over Asking

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Massive home directly across from Alta Plaza leaps above and beyon $7.9 million price tag

A few weeks ago Curbed SF featured this this extravagant 2600 Jackson Street mansion directly across the street from Alta Plaza Park. Well, less than two weeks later the envy-inducing pad sold for an astounding $11 million. It originally landed on the market for $7.9 million.

"It's the biggest percentage over asking I’ve ever seen," realtors Gregg Lynn and Neill Bassi tell Curbed SF.

The two showed the place to 30 potential buyers via private appointments. After three offers, a family — new to San Francisco, with two kids and a third on the way — purchased the home for almost 30 percent over asking.

And it's easy to see why. Even for Pacific Heights, this mostly un-remodeled, sprawling house is something to behold. Built in 1895 by Irving Murphy Scott as a wedding gift for his daughter, a Tudor Revival addition was added in 1929 to the north side of the abode, giving the structure an odd, albeit glorious, duality.

It also stands as an excellent example of Gilded-age architecture by San Franciscan Ernest Coxhead, more or less left untouched. That said, according to Lynn and Bassi, the structure will need seismic improvements. One can only wonder what else the fortunate family will do to upgrade their already primo estate.