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It's Way Too Hot in San Francisco Again

Record-breaking temps had people swooning, but not in a good way

San Francisco, CA. #Cali #dolorespark #sf

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Yesterday, record-breaking temperature had the Bay Area in its vice-like grips. Again. Here are the harrowing details, according to Mercury News.

Summerlike heat hit San Jose at 91 degrees and the Oakland Airport at 81 degrees -- both records set in 1950, said National Weather Service forecaster Steve Anderson.

Oakland Museum of California warmed up to 83 degrees and Richmond hit 82 degrees, set in 1977. Mountain View reached 86, surpassing another record set in 1950. A scorching 89 degrees in Gilroy beat a 1997 record. San Francisco climbed to 83 degrees, passing a historic 1914 record.

In total, 11 records in the Bay Area were smashed on Monday. Most notably in downtown San Francisco where "Monday's high of 83 degrees broke the 102-year-old mark of 82 set in 1914."

Yikes. That is rough.

Even our sister city to the south, Los Angeles, accustomed to the punishing rays of the sun, could barely tolerate a recent record-breaking heatwave. Can you blame them?

Fortunately, Bay Area residents are poised for an SPF-50 reprieve: a benevolent, merciful cool down is on the way, starting today. Whew. After all, this city simply wasn't made for serious heat. The downtown exhaust fumes. The sticky BART ride home. The one inch of flip-flop foam between you and Market Street.

Then again, one person's exposed hairy toes on the 38 Geary is another person's day off work at Dolores Park.