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Buena Vista Edwardian Does Classic and Contemporary Right, Starts at $2.4 Million

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Pristine home, right in one of the city's most adorable hoods, wants your attention

This expansive abode in Buena Vista, located at 852 Clayton, features clean white interiors but not in the stark, antiseptic way one would presume. While it's a cliche to use the terms classic and contemporary so closely together, this Buena Vista home can do just that, seamlessly.

Let's start with the glorious wedding cake ceilings, which have mercifully been left untouched. Also receiving a stay of execution are the hardwood floors, crown moldings, and — blessedly — the water closet. These elements are matched by new lighting fixtures, an updated kitchen, and more.


Curbed SF spoke with the home's agent, who tells us that the last owner had the place for around 30 years. It's also on the border of Cole Valley, so one would receive the joys of living in a big city with the quaintness of that neighborhood's idyllic shops and restaurants.

Oh, and it starts at $2.4 million.