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Van Ness High-Rise Plan: Break Ground Next Year, Finish in 2019

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Ambitious project still needs city approval

Hayes Valley-based developer BUILD Inc imagines itself in the home stretch to turn the corner of Van Ness and Market Street into a towering condo development with a dramatically cut facade, gearing up advertising for the high-rise and ground-floor plaza and laying out a timeline for the project that calls for the doors to open in 2019.

It’s a little ambitious given that they’re still in the Environmental Impact Review stage of things, with the draft EIR due next month and the first Planning Commission hearing set for June. There are plenty of potential potholes along the way to send the entire project into a tizzy.

Nevertheless, the optimist's plan for the 39-story, 300-unit building at One Oak Street (previously One Van Ness or 1500 Market Street, depending on who you asked) as laid out with some updated renderings on the BUILD site is:

Approval this October, groundbreaking in April of 2017, and completion in October of 2019. Knock on wood.

The building, designed by SCB and Snøhetta (the Norwegian firm behind the new addition to the SFMOMA), has to reckon with hellacious Van Ness winds, hence the cuts and the curved facade on the northern side. This design replaced the previous 180-unit building designed by Richard Meier before that one got the boot in October of 2014.

As part of the marketing drive, sites for both the tower and plaza have been designed, but are not quite live yet.