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Here's What You Need to Know About #415Day

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Natives and longtime residents unite to keep SF's heart beating

A grassroots effort concerning the heart of San Francisco, here's what we know about the first ever #415Day: Both natives and longtime San Franciscans are gathering today, April 15, at Dolores Park at 4:15 PM to celebrate the city.

Why, exactly?

For starters, 415 is the area code of San Francisco – a proud signifier for natives and longtime locals alike. Also, according to the flyer, #415Day is "a direct response to the displacement of our native families." It's also a display of native/local pride in Baghdad by the Bay. You remember the Mission. You recall the Castro as a place for a powerful queer movement. You remember the Fillmore. You remember going to Candlestick.

It's also being billed as a walkout for area school students.

Curbed SF talked to our very own Sally Kuchar, cities director of Curbed and a San Francisco native, who gave us her thoughts on #415Day:

"I’m not sure what this day means to me since this is the first year I’m hearing of it. That said, I love nostalgia and San Francisco, so anything that shines a light on both is something I can get behind. I hope this brings together people with stories to share about growing up in this place that can’t seem to stop changing (I think change is inevitable and a good thing). Because sometimes all we have are our memories, and I don’t want to forget what San Francisco was once like for me."

Here is what's gone down today so far:

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