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Oakland Rent Comparisons: What $2,500 Gets You

Five apartments for just less than Oakland's median rent. Which one ought to be yours?

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Today we head over to Oakland. Is one person's studio another person's townhouse? Let's find out. Today's price: $2,500, just under the (record-high) city average.

↑ First, a studio in Uptown for $2,445/month in the Mason at Hive building. At 486 square feet, it's mostly a straight shot from the front door to the rear wall, but it comes with quartz counters, warehouse-style windows, a small balcony, and a weird but rather fetching breakfast bar sandwiched in next to the kitchen in lieu of an actual dining room, which is admittedly a clever use of the space. Dogs and cats welcome.

↑ Swinging a little south, here's a one-bedroom apartment with 587 square feet right in the middle of the Historic District for $2,300/month. Yes, it's compact living in Oakland, but this 23-year-old building triangulated right between Downtown, Chinatown, and Jack London has deeply awesome views from the top floor unit. No mention of pets.

↑ At this price point, small but pretty is the best we can promise in most neighborhoods. Here's a one-bedroom apartment a bit reminiscent of your old college dorm room for $2,500/month even, which advertises itself as Adams Point but looks closer to the Harrison area. The square footage remains mysterious, but at least gives you a wide living room, aqua tiles in the bath, and a pretty little outdoor space. It's a 10-unit building on Orange Street circa 1953. No pets (but at least they're saying it up front).

↑ Feeling cramped? Then head west to this one-bed, 900-square-foot Temescal home with its funky cool interior brick wall, French doors, and new kitchen for $2,495/month. You're right on the line with Emeryville in this place, a few blocks from the Steve Jobs building. Dogs are okay, but no cats.

↑ We know what you're thinking: Isn't there anywhere in this town where someone can get more than one bedroom for this price? Yes, at least one place: East Oakland, in this two-bed cottage at East 33rd and Elliot. It's a detached place with a whole lot of hardwood, and a tiled kitchen. The fireplace is decorative, but at least it classes things up a bit. $2,350/month.