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'Arco Project' Chronicles One Year in the Life of SF Intersection

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365 days of Divis and Fell, as seen through the lens of one artist

Mike “Spike” Krouse, artist/owner of Madrone, photographed the corner of a gas station every day for one year and then put up all the photos up on a billboard overlooking the same corner. His hard work resulted in his Arco Project, an installation piece now on view in NoPa.

Starting on January 1, 2013, during the peak of the gas price war. Michael photographed the intersection just outside his window. Not one day was missed during the calendar year. He then took the daily images and created an ordered grid of all the days.

The grid will now be placed on the very street billboard pictured repeatedly in all the images for 27 days (April 11th 2016 to May 8th 2016). During those 27 days, the Ready Made Gallery will be photographed within itself, thus creating one final grid.

In the work, Krouse spotted patterns: 911 calls, tech shuttles, rain. You can see Arco Project starting today at the corner of Divisadero and Fell in San Francisco.

"People passing by have no clue as to what they are really looking at," Krouse points out, adding, "It’s simply not an advertisement. It’s an art installation that gives the public a one-month break from advertising."

An opening reception for the piece will be held at Madrone Art Bar, Wednesday, April 13 at 500 Divisadero Street.

Some closet images of Krouse's work: