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Contemporary Condo at South Beach High-Rise Asks $1.5M

Antiseptic-chic near the ballpark

Seeing as how we've been so caught up with barely-touched Victorians and Edwardians, we feel it necessary to give you a breath of fresh air. This palate cleanser comes to you courtesy of the Watermark high-rise in South Beach.

Located near AT&T Park, 501 Beale features 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, marble fixtures, view of the Bay Bridge's stomach, and all of the other amenities and trappings that come with living in a new structure.

There's also a pool and spa, but you would share it with the rest of your neighbors.

The Watermark tower is a bit of a staple in the area in that it's practically a veteran compared to other newcomer high-rises in the area, especially in neighboring Rincon Hill — e.g., the Infinity, One Rincon Hill, the Jasper, et al.

Anyway, if you've always wanted to see what The Watermark looks like from the inside, here's your chance.