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Darling Noe Valley Victorian Blends New and Old, Asks $1.5M

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Perfect for a small family or well-to-do swinging single

Oh, Noe Valley, why must you tease us so? The perfect mix of suburban stillness smack in the heart of the city, the neighborhood once (in)famous for its stroller populace now houses some of the most well-done contemporary updates. And people are taking notice.

This Victorian at 1404 Sanchez is no exception.

Just like our Bernal Heights charmer, this abode has only two bedrooms and one bath. But what it lacks in roominess it more than makes up for in style and location. The high ceilings and flooding of natural light keep the house from feeling too cozy. And just a few blocks away, you will find all of the boutiques and artisan food shops your heart desires.

Best of all, it has most of its original 1900-era character intact. The building's original moldings can still be seen mixed in with some modern fixtures.