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A Look Inside LinkedIn's Controversial New Building

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Not everyone loves the "Darth Vader" of SoMa

Noted San Francisco Chronicle architecture critic John King penned a withering implosion of the new LinkedIn building at 222 Second Street this week. He doesn't hold back. Among a treasure chest of thoughtful barbs, here are a few of his gems:

"...[A]n overbearing 26-story glass box on one prominent corner that has all the charm of a well-tailored packing crate."

"[222 Second] serves as a cautionary tale showing what can happen when out-of-town developers and architects have their own vision of what a city like San Francisco should be."

"...spectacle trumps civility."

"From certain angles the blunt cubes in their pleated cloaks are striking, in a Darth Vader sort of way..."

"...feels exactly like what it is: a tower designed and built by New Yorkers."


But not everyone feels that way about the Black Swan of SoMa. Some even took it upon themselves to Instagram the latest addition to the area. With a sun-drenched roof deck, yoga rooms, kimchi bowls, and a free beer and ice cream bar, how could you not?


The blue majestic of LinkedIn's new offices in San Francisco. (client)

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An important message from the new @linkedin corporate headquarters: Focus on what matters! (Client)

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Rooftop sun break on a workday

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@linkedin #sf @elninotrainingcenter #AmericanJiuJitsu #bjj #corporateThugs

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Hmmm what should I have for #breakfast today? #KimchiFriedRice #LinkedInLife

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#Dessert is very important to me. #LinkedInLife

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The view from Floor 17. #linkedinlife #linkedin

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New LinkedIn Office. #Linkedin #SanFrancisco #California

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Hello new building

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