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Delicious Ghirardelli Square View for $3 Million

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Seller not responsible for buyer's future caloric intake

Being able to see Ghirardelli Square from the kitchen is just one highlight at this four-bedroom, 3.5 bath Russian Hill home. Bidding begins at just a shade under $3 million.

2925 Larkin Street sits just north of Russian Hill Park and just south of the square, with rooftop views of the Aquatic Park and Alcatraz. The circa 1925 house features bay windows in the living room, tile walls and soapstone countertops in the kitchen (don’t worry, they’re not as slippery as they sound), and even a (tiny) wine cellar squeezed in for good measure.

The chocolaty oasis down the block is also visible from one of the upstairs bedrooms. Another tasty perk.

The $2,995,000 price is roughly double the payout from its last sale over a year ago, but it’s been extensively remodeled since then: The deck is a new addition, as are two of the bedrooms, three of the bathrooms, the kitchen, and all of the window. The more than 500 extra feet bring it to a total of 2,580.

Trulia estimates the average price per square in Russian Hill to be nearly $1,800, well over the $1,161 price for this listing. On the rental market, a house like this could ask over $9,000. That sure is a lot of chocolate squares.