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650-Square-Foot Condo on Russian Hill Asks $850K

The floor plan is small, but at $1,307 per square foot, the price isn't

In real estate parlance, unit #47 in The Landmark condominium building would be called a junior one bedroom. It has a sleeping area that's separated from the living space by opaque sliding glass doors, and the room has a closet but no windows. Nonetheless, at $850,000 ($1,307 per square foot) it's asking for top dollar.

Location plays a big factor. It's bordered by the scenic Ina Coolbrith Park and it's just a half-block from the cable car line. (How San Francisco can you be?)

The place is aesthetically charming; but the view from the front window has divided the office. Some of us find it cool and reminiscent of Parisian rooftop views; others would consider it annoying. If you like architectural detail that's in your face, you'll likely fall in the former camp.

The condo is tricked out with of-the-moment finishes. White oak floors, gray cabinets, quartz countertops, and marble tile all find a home in 650-square-foot space. Whether it's worth the price is up to the buyers and their banks.