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Victorian With Two Units and Double Life Asks $1.695M

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One home is white, the other is ... not.

The Victorian at 3751-3753 17th Street has two units and two faces: The upper home has many original details, but it also has a minimalist, gallery-white aesthetic. The lower unit goes completely the other direction, with a high Victorian style that's color and detail rich.

As we said, the upper unit has white walls and many of the original features are painted out — but not all of them. In the dining room, a fireplace sports gold and gray tones. Some of the plaster details — such as a corbel with a lady's face — are painted in color. The kitchen cabinets appear to be constructed from rustic reclaimed wood, and they are topped by a painted border. One of the bathrooms has pink tile, but that's clearly a hallmark of post-Victorian time.

The downstairs unit was featured in the book The Painted Ladies Revisited: San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians Inside and Out. It's marked by eye-popping, remarkable decorative painting — including murals of several different landscapes and borders featuring Egyptian figures and horses prancing through trees with gold leaves. Other imagery includes pterodactyls, grapevines, and Moroccan-tile like patterns. Suffice it to say, no surface is left undecorated.

The Eureka Valley location is close to Dolores Park, the Castro, and the Mission and all those hoods have to offer. The listing says both units are delivered vacant, and together they measure 3,100 square feet. It also bills the property as "one of a kind," and for once that's not just a listing cliche.