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As Squatter Pleads Guilty, His Illicit Home Prepares for Close

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San Francisco's Petit Trianon is in contract

There are new developments around 3800 Washington Street, the grand Presidio Heights Mansion modeled after the Petit Trianon in Versailles. As Jeremiah Kaylor (the squatter who occupied the home for months and sold valuables he found there) pled guilty to grand theft, the house moved closer to a purchase that's reportedly close to its current price of $17.995 million.

The drama around this property rivals that of the 18th-century court of King Louis XVI of France (the original Petit Trianon was built for his father's mistress, later used as a retreat for his wife Marie Antoinette). In 2012, then owner Halsey Minor (the founder of CNET and current leader of soon-to-launch virtual reality channels) listed the house at $25 million in the midst of filing for bankruptcy. Over the years, it has been on and off the market and the price has been repeatedly slashed, until it landed at its current ask in a bankruptcy sale.

Then, last fall, it made headlines again when Kaylor took up residence in the abandoned and deteriorating manse. He lived there for months before being arrested, and he told police he considered the house his "thug mansion" and that he was drawn to the home after hearing rumors it was being purchased by his idol, Taylor Swift. While living there, he stole and sold art and appliances (most of it was eventually recovered). According to the San Francisco Chronicle, he has pled guilty to two felony counts of grand theft and identity theft. He will serve a year in jail and five years probation.

Meanwhile, listing agent Ed Deleski of Vanguard Properties reports that the house is in contract and that the sale is near a close. He couldn't tell us much, other than the sale price will be near asking. "It's right where it should be," he said. He also believes the future owners will restore the home to its former glory.