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Shades of Downton Abbey: Piedmont Manse Asks $8.95M

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To the manor born in the East Bay

There are homes, and then there are grand estates. This very traditional Piedmont mansion on an acre lot falls in the latter category.

Of course, the fictional Downton Abbey is a much larger, much grander British estate in the Yorkshire countryside. But this Albert Farr-designed mansion on Hampton Road in Piedmont has seven bedrooms, eight-and-a-half bathrooms, a library, a fountain, and a tennis court—and it has the distinct benefit of being real.

However, the very traditional rooms look like the set for a Masterpiece Theater production, as they are large and elegant with classic details and proportions. The furnishings don't come with the house, of course, but the fringed sofas, canopied beds, and long dining table enhance the feeling that the Crawleys might be gathering for tea at any moment.