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Iconic Mural Building Cuts Price

What was once the most expensive building in the Mission loses $205K

Back in October, the last time we wrote about 2700 Bryant Street, its $5 million price tag made it the most expensive property in the Mission. Now that its asking price has been cut to $4.795 million, that's no longer true. (The "honor" currently rests with the $5.888 million vacant lot at 2632 Mission Street.)

However, it's still the most distinctive property thanks to its dramatic mural known as "Be the Change You Wish to See In the World." Another remarkable feature is its unconventional layout. It's described as two spaces, a "corner building" and an "inner building" that total 4,500 square feet of commercial and residential space.

The corner building has a one-bedroom apartment with an attached workshop. The inner building has a studio and commercial space on the lower floor, and a two-bedroom residence with a loft on the upper level. Looking at the pictures, it can be hard to discern where the living spaces end and the work areas begin. But in our current culture, maybe that's a benefit?

In the past, the place has been many things—including a warehouse and a handball club.