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Liberty Hill Listing Offers the Chance to Live Near Zuck for $3.495M

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Maybe you can't live like him, but you can be his neighbor

Mark Zuckerberg famously purchased a San Francisco residence on Liberty Hill for $10 million back in 2012. Today, there's word that a home near it at 3442-3444 21st Street has hit the market for $3.495 million.

The property in question is actually three units (two full-floor flats and an unwarranted garden apartment). The dwellings feature bridge views and period details (it was built in 1928). There's also a garden out back and parking for three cars.

Its location at the crest of Fair Oaks Street is undeniably covetable, but future owners might want to consider what it means to live in the same neighborhood as the tech titan. In June, we reported that Facebook's Global Security Operations Center team sought a restraining order against an area resident after he shouted at them often for allegedly taking up too much parking and blocking a fire hydrant. (The man was said to have mental health issues.) During the 17-month renovation, neighbors repeatedly complained in the media about parking and security guards in the neighborhood.

But could the future owners be the Zuckerberg family? After all, in 2013, the Facebook CEO purchased four homes near his Palo Alto residence in the name of privacy.