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Big House, Big Price on Sacramento Street

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From tired two-unit dwelling to 3,400 square foot modern home

There aren't that many single-family homes on west end of Sacramento Street near Arguello. Most of the dwellings here, just down from the charming shops on Sacramento between Maple and Presidio Avenue, are condos and the bigger houses are located in the northern part of Presidio Heights. The home at 3953 Sacramento Street was once a two-unit building, but in 2010 it was renovated into a 3,400 square feet, single-family home. Most would consider this house a large one, and it comes with a sizable listing price as well: $4.85 million.

Before the down-to-the-studs remodel, the listing describes the house as "somewhat tired." Now the interior of the four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath, three-story home is sleek and modern, it can be considered fully awake.

The circa 1908 now has modern technology, including a Sonos stereo system and RG6 and CAT wiring. The roof is described as "solar ready" so it's prepared for the next step in tech.

Amusingly, the listing prepares potential buyers for life in the district this way: "If you like Pacific Heights, but don't like the pretension, then Presidio Heights is for you." True, the area is comfortable and family-friendly, but isn't the first name that comes to mind when thinking about unassuming neighborhoods. And, since the house is done with high-end finishes and the soft neutrals often associated with Armani, this house is dressed to impress.