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Colorful, Shangri La-Inspired Corona Heights Home Asks $1.899M

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Like it or not, you won't forget it

The house at 61 Saturn Street is out of this world, thanks to distinctive patterns and colors inside and out. Listing agent Roland Jadryev of McGuire Real Estate says that, in more than 20 years of marketing homes, he's never seen another like it.

In fact, he landed the property after the first real estate agent contacted wanted to paint everything a soft gray before it went on the market. "The owner was horrified," he says. When Jadryev was called in, he wasn't sure about it. "But the more I looked at it, the more I liked it," he says. "It really grows on you."

The patterns decorating the home's exterior, entry wall, fireplace mantle, and bedroom are vaguely Moorish in design. Jadryev says that the owner met the artist, Shim Carmean, in the neighborhood and asked him to work on his house about 10 years ago. Carmean was inspired by Shangri La, Doris Duke's famous house in Honolulu, and vowed to create a home that was reminiscent of that style. Around that time, the owner asked another artist, David Faulk, to paint a pointilism-like mural on the garage door. Whether you love it or hate it, most would agree the effect is unforgettable.

The bold colors and murals aren't the only memorable thing about the house. Like many properties on Corona Heights, it has fantastic views. It also has a lovely garden that's almost as colorful as the home's interior. Jadryev also notes that the layout and flow of the home is "fantastic."

The 2,028-square-foot house (four bedrooms, two full bathrooms) is asking for $1,899 million. "I feel like someone is going to look at it and get it," he says. "It really is like a piece of art."