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Jacuzzi Party-Friendly Nob Hill Victorian Starts at $3.3M

Come for the tulip magnolias, stay for the spa

Are the Mission and Noe Valley over? Perhaps. People can only handle so much twee before they revolt. What with all the attention those two arrondissements receive these days, the other side of Market Street is now more alluring than ever.

Enter Nob Hill.

This four-bedroom, four-bath gem at 1335 Jackson is currently the only single-family Nob Hill home on the market. And it'll cost you; asking price starts at $3.3 million.

Some of the boons of this chic, 2010 renovated Victorian abode include a master bedroom sundeck (of course), two gas fireplaces (why not?), house-wide audio system, Golden Gate Bridge views (¡Dios mio!), massive garage (for your new Tesla, presumably), updated chef's kitchen, and more.

But the big get here is the rear yard, freshly updated in 2015, studded with tulip magnolias and a swank spa. Perfect for throwing your own key parties with, say, the other PTA parents. The possibilities are endless.

Check out the other views from the backyard.