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Yet Another $5M Noe Valley House Hits the Market

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It's big, it's modern, it's chock-full of amenities

Does the headline sound jaded? If so, forgive us. It's just that $5 million seems like the new normal for Noe Valley. The property we are writing about today isn't quite there, but with an asking price of $4.985 million, you might as well round up.

The listing bills the home at 538 28th Street as a "BRAND NEW" (capitalization is theirs) home. Records show that there was a 1910 home on the lot. You can assume that that home was torn down or swallowed by the very large five-bedroom house that just hit the market. (We are betting the former.)

What's there today is called an "epic" family house, and in many ways the broker babble isn't wrong. It has big views, dramatic spaces, a lot of bedrooms (as we said, five), and a lot of baths (five, again).

The main living space is a kitchen, family room, living room, dining room combo with 15-foot ceilings.

There are several outdoor spaces (at least three decks, one rooftop deck, and one yard). The rooftop deck has in-your-face views of Twin Peaks, Downtown, and beyond. Given the number of bedrooms and baths, it makes sense to market this one to a family. That's underscored by staging in the backyard that shows a red wagon and a Kettler trike.

The location is on the far side of Noe Valley, between Castro and Diamond Streets on 28th. Walking to the shops and restaurants on 24th would be a hike (especially with all those kids). However, given that this home has a three-car garage, perhaps a vehicle will always be at the ready.

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