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Spend your entire paycheck on this 240-foot SoMa apartment

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The micro apartment trend shows no signs of shrinking—especially in South of Market

Compared to this 216-square-foot engagement-ring-box of an apartment, this SoMa micro apartment seems downright roomy. And for a cool $2,247/month, you can live at 77 Bluxome inside this 240-square-foot residence.


Questionably billed as "the chance to experience the SoMa lifestyle at an affordable price," the diminutive pad boasts wood flooring, a full bathroom, a courtyard, and a decent efficiency kitchen, complete with electric range, dishwasher, and fridge/freezer. (Refreshing compared to other micro apartments that feature stingy kitchens.)

But the real pinkies-up amenities that (hypothetically) justify the price tag are the location (near the ballpark and Caltrain station), valet dry cleaning service, rooftop deck with 360-degree views, community arcade, and a gourmet community kitchen.

The micro unit is also within stumbling distance of Marlowe, Safeway, South Beach Park, Philz Coffee, and the gorgeous McCovey Cove.

While one technically will not experience the classic SoMa experience (i.e., chips, dips, chains, whips), one can grab a nice slice of the new SoMa lifestyle, lofty rent and all.