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The Peninsula Dominates the List of Priciest Zip Codes

When it comes to $$$, 90210 has nothing on Northern California

We all know some of the country's most valuable real estate is on the Peninsula and in the South Bay, but seeing the figures put together in a new study from PropertyShark is startling nonetheless.

News of the report that ranks the most expensive zip codes in America is carried in the San Jose Mercury News, and it shows that 8 of the top 25 slots belong to those regions.

Atherton's 94027 is number two on the list, and according to the SJMN, the median sale price in 111 transactions last year was a staggering $5,900,000. Palo Alto's 94301 ranked fifth on the list with a median price of $3,150,000 in 157 real estate deals.

New York's Sagaponack, an area of the Hamptons, had the number one slot with a median price of $8,500,000.

Other local zips in the top 25 include San Francisco's 94123 (the Marina) at number 16 and Los Altos 94022 and 94024 (numbers 12 and 14 respectively).

Nancy Jorisch, a data research manager for PropertyShark, told the newspaper that the rankings "pretty much tells you where the rich people live. It's the two coasts. And actually, now it's heavily California."

We are not sure if this makes us winners or losers, but this morning we can tell our friends in the Big Apple: Take that 10013!