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SF House with Three-Bedrooms, Two-Baths, Three-Car Garage Asks $899K

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Look, a unicorn!

It's saying something when you spot a house for $899,000 and think it's a bargain. Ah, the times we live in.

The house at 1495 42nd Avenue isn't for people in the market for a property like the Atherton mansion we wrote about earlier. But if you have a bit of vision, you'll see the potential in this house. Heck, even if you lack vision you can recognize that a single-family, 2,038-square-foot home like this doesn't come on the market every day in this town. It's the good condition, size, and potential that merits it a place in our Under $1 Million Club (as well as a second look).

In addition to a lot of windows and a midcentury vibe (it was built in 1948), the house possesses a sizable corner lot; the capacity for three cars mentioned in the headline; and a (somewhat) finished basement. Caveat: You have to consider a plywood-paneled room finished. But even that rustic room has a funky charm.

The kitchen and bathrooms are a thing of the past—but some people would consider a mint-green bath in mint condition a good thing. The second bath doesn't have the same kind of charm.

Note about that parking situation: It's actually a two-car garage in the house and a detached garage. Even there, we see possibilities. You could likely make that outbuilding a sweet home office or playroom.