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$42.8 M Atherton Villa Comes With Everything in the World Included

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If you can afford this, you will never have to make another purchase in your entire life

We are accustomed to writing about pricey properties in Silicon Valley, but this is the most expensive one that has popped up recently—and the biggest listing price we've seen in Atherton in awhile. The 20,000-square-foot contemporary-style Italian villa on 1.45 acres of land is just about to go on the market for $42.8 million.

It’s a recently completed spec house, built by Rafi Bamdad, whom Blockshopper identifies as the owner of the real estate and business consulting firm Rafico. You’re looking at six bedrooms, en suite bath and four half baths, plus an additional bedroom and one-and-a-half baths in the guest house. There’s also an office/lounge complex on the grounds, with a courtyard and reflecting pool, and a garden trellis that (at 1,650 square feet) is itself bigger than many homes.

The lucky (and incredibly wealthy) buyer will be getting a world-tour house: The six fireplaces have hand-carved limestone mantelpieces from France; the mahogany windows and doors were custom made in Germany; the marble finishes and glass tiles in the spa are Italian; and the ceilings are antique Italian brick.

If you’re not already in decadence overload, consider the amenities. Inside, there’s an 11-seat theater with a 153-inch screen, a whiskey bar, two automated espresso centers, and a fitness center. Outside, you find another kitchen with a wok burner, a two keg beer dispenser, and an al fresco theater with 16 speakers, including an underground subwoofer.

The dining area in the courtyard has a wood-fired pizza oven. The 1,160-square-foot pool has a reverse osmosis filter that can convert its contents to emergency drinking water. And do you even have to ask if there’s a 3,000-bottle wine cellar? (There’s a 3,000 bottle wine cellar.)

Wait, don’t go yet, we haven’t talked much about the grounds. There are over 250 rose bushes; there are olive trees that are over 150 years old; there are redwoods, oaks, and Japanese maples, along with tangerine and lemon trees. If the world comes to an end and you have to wait it out, you can convert your pool to drinking water, make epic fruit salads out of what’s growing in the yard, and fall back on your 3,000 bottles of wine when the going gets tough.

Eight-figure estates are what Atheron is made of, but the 47 Camino Por Los Arboles property might escalate the Atheron version of keeping up with the Joneses to potentially dangerous heights. Menlo Park’s Gullixson Team real estate is handling the sale; the $42.8 million price tag would comprise 13 percent of their $320 million annual sales average all on its own. That’s a lot of lira.