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Grand Noe Valley Victorian Asks $4.995M

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The large size and sweet location make for a hefty price

For many people in San Francisco, Fair Oaks is a favorite street. It's a five-block stretch between 21st and 26th Streets, parallel to Dolores and Guerrero. Stately older homes line both sides of Fair Oaks, many of them larger than your typical Noe Valley residence. The house at 250 Fair Oaks is one of those. It's been recently remodeled, and it's traditional on the outside, modern inside.

Part of that modernity is making it a larger house, and here developers have captured the lower and attic levels to make a dwelling with four stories, five bedrooms, five-and-a-half baths, and a whopping 4,485 square feet. That's big for this neck of the woods, and it has a large price to match: $4.995 million.

The house has classic details and molding on the outside, most of it is probably original. Inside, it's all new, but done with a sensitive hand. Meaning, it has some classic details mixed in with more modern features.

One thing buyers should know, Fair Oaks turns into an epic trick-or-treat street come Halloween. Residents have been known to informally christen it "Fear Oaks" on October 31st.