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Super Bowl = Super Hotel Taxes

Event rakes in $8.2M in funds

As Super Bowl City went up, so did costs and questions.
As Super Bowl City went up, so did costs and questions.
Patricia Chang

As the Super Bowl loomed last month, some San Francisco residents questioned whether the road closures, increased traffic, and other attendant hassles were worth it (some officials even discussed the possibility of getting the NFL to chip in funds to cover festivities). Now there's word that the $4.8 million the city shelled out was recouped in hotel taxes.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the event brought in more than $8.2 million in hotel taxes, according to the San Francisco Travel Association. Last year, during the same time period, hotels collected around $2.9 million. The group also reports hotels occupancy was at a record high during the February 7 event: 90.7 percent. That figure doesn't take into account short-term rentals.

Of course, that isn't the full money story. San Francisco Travel President and CEO Joe D'Alessandro told the Chronicle: "It's estimated that 75 percent of all visitor spending takes place outside of hotels."

The Super Bowl Host Committee reported that approximately 1.1 million people came to San Francisco to celebrate the big game in Santa Clara.