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Crescent City-Style House in Berkeley Asks $895K

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Romantic Big Easy style in the Elmwood District

From the charming entry to the vintage interior, the Victorian cottage at 2811 Parker Street in Berkeley puts us in mind of New Orleans.

It's dubbed the Sedgwich House, and the listing calls it the "best preserved" Victorian house in the Elmwood district. Looking at the gorgeous molding and ornate carved trim in the 1898 house, we don't doubt it.

At 1,591 square feet (three bedrooms, one bath) the home isn't tiny. However, there's definitely room for growth. The roomy, wood-paneled attic is the stuff that children's novels are made of — it would be a shame to get rid of it, but there's a lot of room there.

The kitchen is also vintage, but of the midcentury vintage. The cabinets, range, and curved shelves scream 1950s.

There's a lot of space in the backyard too (the lot is 5,428 square feet). Right now, it appears to be a dirt patch with a small mulched area, but the potential is there.