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Freshly Remodeled Bayview Home Hits Market at $599K

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It's the second least expensive home listed in the neighborhood

A couple of weeks ago, we got excited when we spotted an 800-foot, single-family home for $499,000. That house, at 122 Montana Street, is in contract and the listing agent told us there were multiple offers. Clearly, we weren't the only ones exercised about it.

Today, a similar unicorn...uh, property...caught our eye in Bayview, the winner of our 2015 Curbed Cup. At 1,125 square feet, the home at 1727 Revere Avenue is larger, but it also has two bedroom and two baths.

This property also has interior appeal with all new appliances, finishes and fixtures, beefy crown molding, and a bay window in front. It also has solar panels on the roof to, as the listing says, "make great use of this sunny location."

The listing touts a "massive" garage as having expansion potential, but it's not shown in the listing photos. You likely wouldn't be expanding out, as the lot is 1,762 square feet.