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Cow Hollow House with 10 Skylights Radiates Onto Market for $3.25M

The light portals make the row house brighter than most

The thing about row houses is that, unless there's a light well, they just don't have windows on the sides. When you rely on widows at each end of the house for natural light, it can leave you with a dim view of things.

The owners of the cottage at 3009 Webster Street may have had a bright idea: They've installed 10 skylights in the place. This move is what likely led the author of the real estate listing to dub it the "House of Light."

The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath, 2,639-square-foot dwelling is asking for $3.25. This is one of those early 20th century homes homes you find sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. It has been remodeled extensively.

In addition to the skylights, you have high ceilings (30 feet tall in some spots), a 70-bottle wine cellar, and one of those patios that manages to look lush.