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Condo in One of SF's Most Scenic Spots Asks for $1.075M

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The only way to get closer to the Vallejo Street Steps is to walk them

When you think of San Francisco landmarks features like the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, and Lombard Street are the usual suspects that spring to mind. However, the Vallejo Street steps are certainly up there, near the top of the list for many. The steps that bridge North Beach and Russian Hill offer some of the most lovely views in town as well as cardio-pumping exercise. But for the buyer of the two-bedroom, one-bathroom condo right on the steps at 408 Vallejo Street, this won't be a tourist destination, it will be a way of life.

It's easy to be seduced by the homes on one of San Francisco's famous flights of stairs, but when you seriously consider it, practically sets in. (For instance, the idea of lugging groceries to the front door can be unappealing.) This building sits at the intersection of Vallejo and Montgomery Streets. Montgomery is a regular street, so the location allows you the best of both worlds. (Parking is notoriously tough in this neighborhood, but the listing says the seller has leased a parking space in a private garage across the street and will cover six months for the new buyer.)

Of course, the setting isn't all you are paying for, although the $1.075 million price ($1,305 per square foot) certainly reflects that. The 824-square-foot unit has a bay window where you can see the garden-surrounded steps, the Bay Bridge, and the water. A recent remodel has given it a fresh, white kitchen and a marble-tiled bathroom. The building was constructed in 1921, and some period details remain.