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Berkeley Midcentury Time Capsule Asks $795K

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If you are looking for original condition, here's your house

There's a certain set of buyers who don't want just modern, they want a true Midcentury Modern time capsule (such as Julian Goldklang and Desiree Myers, owners of Mid Century Møbler).

For those buyers, the house at 225 Fairlawn Drive in Berkeley could be the home they are waiting for. It's not a true Eichler, but the listing agent has categorized it as "Eichleresque." It earns the association with walls of glass; but it also has other classic midcentury motifs, such as a shed roof on the main house and a on the open-air carport.

It also has location going for it, it's across from a just-remodeled Terrace View Park and it's a short walk to Tilden Park and Lawrence Hall of Science. Like many houses in this neighborhood, it has some views.

The 1,706-square-foot home has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and is asking for $795,000.