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Elegant Home with High-Lacquer Style Asks $1.895M

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Trad on the outside, colorful on the inside

Many consider Balboa Terrace to be something of a hidden gem. It's south and east of St. Francis Wood, but it has similar kinds of homes.

The house at 351 San Leandro Way is positively stately from the outside, but inside it has some pretty interesting secrets, such as a living area that's completely covered with a blue-green color in a high-lacquer finish. Considering how tame some of the other rooms are, such as the kitchen with oak cabinets, it stands out like a really wild sibling in a family of straight arrows.

That's not to say their aren't color sparks in other parts of the house — the bedroom is pink and the kitchen and sitting area are apple green. But it's the living room that steals the show.

There's more to the Mediterranean-style house, of course. The 2,901-square-foot house sits on a large lot with raised garden beds, it's near a green-belt walking path, and from the second floor you can glimpse the ocean over the top of the neighborhood houses. As a family who lives there once told us, "It's like suburbia in the city — in the best way."