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One-Bedroom Inner Mission Penthouse Asks $995K

Industrial style and city views found here

You don't see a lot of exposed brick in earthquake country, so when it does pop up, it looks exotic. There's a lot of it in Unit 305 at the Union Building on 2101 Bryant Street. This is the only one-bedroom penthouse in the building, and the 1,121-square-foot property is asking for $995,000.

There's a lot of style spread over two levels. Add large banks of metal-framed windows and steel beams to the brick, and you have a strong industrial aesthetic that's softened a bit by mod wallpaper with an organic print.

From those windows, you can catch some spectacular views of Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower. You can see even more upstairs from a wraparound terrace, a really unique feature for a one-bedroom unit.

The style isn't limited to the private space. The lobby has a similar look and feel and the outdoor spaces are generous.