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Monterey Heights House with Arched Windows for Days Asks $3.899M

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They may be out of scale on the outside, but perfect on the inside

We admit we have a thing for arched windows. Palladian, Gothic, radius — we are into them. Maybe that's why the house at 176 Yerba Buena Avenue jumped out. From the exterior of the Mediterranean-style home, the series of arched windows at the front (at least eight) looks almost out of scale. But inside, the effect is magical.

From the inside, in the living room the bay window looks amazing. The wall adjacent to it also has the windows, and so the room is flooded with light. A similar bank of rectangular windows lines the curved wall of the dining room and master bedroom. They are pretty, but not in the same dramatic way.

The curved wall is repeated throughout the 4,000-square-foot house; even in the bathroom.

The listing describes the house as "recently remodeled" and it appears to be a flip. If so, the developers took care to add some luxe features, including a yoga room and dry sauna adjacent to a "spa-like" bathroom.

Another eye-catching feature is the price: $3.899 million. The listing notes that it is just "one house away from the gates outside Saint Francis Wood." Technically, the house is in Monterey Heights, but the price is what you'd expect from the neighboring hood.