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Living Small and Stylishly in SoMa for $799K

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Big style in what appears to be a little condo

There is no square footage listed for unit 610 in The Montgomery at 74 New Montgomery Street, but looking at the building's website, we are guessing it's in the 860-square-foot range. But you don't need a tape measure to see that it's on the petite side. That said, for a small space, it has large style.

The space has 15-foot ceilings, which negates a claustrophobia. It also has a cool exposed concrete wall, which adds pattern and texture and keeps it from feeling like the stereotypical sterile condo.

One the reasons we may not be able to match this floor plan with those on the website is what the listing calls a "custom-built loft." This may have been added later, and it's clearly where the bed sleeps, although (curiously) there are no bedroom shots.

There are plenty of images of the view, which is considerable. From here, you can see The Palace Hotel and seemingly touch the city skyline from the large roof deck.

Back in the day, The Montgomery was home the San Francisco Call newspaper and its printing press. When it was converted to luxury condos, it was big news.